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Why L.A.P.R. Group ?

Since 2005, L.A.P.R. Group has been taking business to the next level in public relations and branding. L.A.P.R. grasps what clients want and creates media opportunities for them that will advance their business objectives. We do not waste our clients’ time or money.

L.A.P.R. develops and executes strategic plans coupled with tactical campaigns that build on your positioning initiatives to generate constant, wide-ranging media coverage. We determine a winning strategy and then put massive force behind its implementation.

Whether they are ministries, artists, mid-sized companies, large corporations, or start-ups, our PR clients are all in a race. They have engaged a PR firm because they need results, fast.

In today’s increasingly complex world — with a media landscape in constant motion, where conversations involve influencers of all types (particularly with the influence of social media) — public relations alone is no longer enough. Today’s world calls for engagement services — methods for businesses, organizations, labels and ministries to communicate beyond paid and earned media.  Our focus on engagement enables our clients to actively participate in a connected world, enhance relationships, increase trust, change behaviors and foster and sustain financial success.

L.A.P.R Group’s focus on engagement services is just one example of our forward thinking – an ability that has positioned us one of the strongest firms in faith and family-based public relations and marketing.  We have street teams in nearly every major market across the United States, which has also enhanced our global reach through social media.  Our media tours for clients like BET, eOneNashville, and WeTv are unmatched; we hit constituents and communities through strong grassroots initiatives that are focused on results – numbers, and reports which provide our clients with a sense of transparency and trust.  Each new achievement is directly linked to our entrepreneurial culture – and we are not afraid to take risks, tangle with disruption and invest even more back into our business enterprise.

At L.A.P.R. Group we strive to offer our clients a truly integrated network and global approach in every task, project, tour and event — whether it’s cultivating stakeholder relationships, developing thought leadership platforms, creating digital strategies or breakthrough ideas, like projection bombing and digital marketing campaigns that translate across cultures and borders. We recognize that each client is unique – with a different set of needs, perspectives and audiences – yet our standards of excellence are specific and universal.  Our programming and execution guidelines provide a standard approach to creating the right strategies for tactical programs and measurement. Our team of senior managers and creative thinkers partner with our street teams, social media managers, and designers to offer our clients forward thinking and game changing ideas.

At our core, what we’re all about is successfully supporting every client, every day, and delivering on our promise – results.

It is our mission to utilize our suite of products and services to elevate the corporate image of our clientele and deliver unique Marketing and PR solutions; solutions that will allow our clients to increase potential for profitability and, ultimately, realize greater business efficiencies.

We carry out this mission by providing reliable public relations counsel, effective marketing tools, and creative communication strategies that will empower our clients to build broader networks, establish the strength and recognition of their brand and deliver valuable solutions to their customer base.

As a strategic partner, it is our commitment to maintain the integrity of the vision of each of our clients and we are eager to make sure you are satisfied with each element of the branding strategy that we will design specifically for you. We look forward to the opportunity to build long-lasting business relationships and, as a result, we work diligently to work with integrity and strive to maintain business relationships that are built upon trust and mutual respect.

L.A.P.R. Group can help your business organization enhance its impact and protect your brand through our digital platform that amplifies messages immediately.  Our technological resources allow us to target consumers through online and social content strategies, analysis and management, content marketing, production, engagement, monitoring, influencer identification, information architecture and user experience testing, application development, blogger and influencer engagement and more.

We are able to utilize powerful, user-friendly, applications that will allow us to help you attract, engage and supremely delight your consumers by providing inbound marketing experiences that are not only personalized, but also relevant and extremely helpful.  Our strategies help automate the public relations and marketing processes and drive sales through analytics, blogging, calls-to-action, email marketing, landing pages, lead management, marketing automation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media.

At L.A.P.R. Group we believe in utilizing all of the most emergent tools and resources that we have at our disposal to develop a strategy that is unique to your business.  If you’re seeking results – we can help you achieve them.

Our Skills

Public Relations and Marketing 65%
Street Team 50%
Events 35%
Creative Services 52%
Social Media Marketing 40%

Our Services

  • Public Relations

  • Marketing

    Grassroots, Guerrilla , Social Media, Traditional Radio and Television, Media Buys & Ad Placement

  • Branding

  • Management

  • Consulting

  • Events

    Awareness Campaigns, Concerts, Movie & Series Launch Events, Product Launches, Promotional Tours, Special Events

  • Street Teams

  • Graphic & Web Design

  • Photography

  • Video

  • Web Design

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Projection Bombing

  • Tour Support & Logistics

L.A.P.R. Groups works effectively with the media through established relationships with outlets all over the country. Our job is to leverage these existing relationships to benefit our clients. If we do not have a relationship with a media group, we form one. We do not blindly pitch media outlets or reporters. Instead, we do our research, find the best fit for your story, and earn the placement. We represent your business with integrity and respect – when our contacts receive a new release regarding our clients – they know we mean business. As the old saying goes – Public Relations is about Show and Marketing is about Tell…and at L.A.P.R Group we’ll ensure that your brand, business enterprise or ministry gets the best of both worlds.
Whether it’s your first CD project, launching your business, or expanding existing business, our award-winning team of print, web and video designers collaborate with our clients to create effective and integrated communication and marketing programs. From radio to guerilla marketing our creative and diverse set of skills are capable of producing results even in the most difficult situations. Our marketing efforts are results-driven, so you can expect transparency with our marketing services with accurate reporting and data projections. Integrating with our other services, like social media, public relations and interactive L.A.P.R. Group ensures results.
Bringing your brand to life through strategic insight and creative vision, L.A.P.R. Group builds a solid brand strategy that provides a clear roadmap for where you are and where your brand is headed. Our goal is to help shape your brand as a solid presence with a specific message with which your target audience is able to relate. Our brand team is composed of design problem solvers and strategic thinkers who will collaborate with you to find unique solutions to your visual branding needs, positioning, and message.
With 10 years of industry experience and working with major label artists and record lables we have the connections and the resources to make things happen for both new artists and established acts. Our knowledge and expertise in the industry positions us as the ideal management company for artists looking to take their music careers to the next level. We’re all about results – guiding artists as they navigate the complex thoroughfares of the music industry, all the while assisting with booking gigs, scheduling studio sessions, coordinating photo shoots, music videos and appearances. We can do it all – and you’ll have a the luxury of working with a staff of trusted industry experts.
Our consulting division includes senior management who provide a wide array of strategic support services. Our team has extensive and broad based music industry and consumer product experience, which helps us develop winning strategies to meet our clients’ near and long-term sales and marketing objectives. Our team is available to help with any issues our clients face, including crisis communication, research, social business marketing, reputation and trust management, stakeholder mapping and engagement, start-up development, employee engagement, and executive positioning.
From concerts to launch parties L.A.P.R. Group ensures that your event is top notch. Our team of designers, event planners, and strategic planners can make your wildest dreams come true and within a reasonable budget! We’ve had a hand in inaugural galas, press tours, product launches, large scale award show after parties, meet and greets, and more. You name it and we’ve done it all. Whether it’s for a small niche or the masses we ensure your event makes an impact for you, your brand, or your company.
We fully understand the importance of “beating the street,” making sure that your message is reaching your audience on every level. Our “Street Teams” will do the walking for you! With teams in nearly every major market across the U.S., and many specific smaller markets, we are able to hit local and community events, where the viewers and active community members dwell. We are able to deploy our army of teams at public events whose “sole” function is to market and promote YOU and your initiatives and we provide you with the numbers and reports to insure transparency with your brand reach!
Public Relations and marketing requires a great deal of creativity and our graphic designers are some of the best in the business. We’ve turned around creative artwork for websites, flyers, banner ads, invitations, posters and event displays in less than 24 hours because of our commitment to the success of our clients. And we’ve been able to do so without losing our creative edge – our designers are held to high agency standards and we’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied.
In public relations and marketing, image is everything, and our photographers understand what it takes to ensure that yours is just right. Working in tandem with our brand managers and senior managers, our photographers understand your business needs and know how to capture you and your business endeavors in just the right light. Our staff of photographers specializes in capturing the best shots for events, tours, press runs, parties, intimate gatherings and behind-the-scenes moments. We’re able to provide images perfect for print, web and social media outlets.
In today’s market its important to stay way ahead of the curve when it comes to developing new and exciting ways to share your content. Today’s consumers are seeking visual content – think YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, and all of the other emerging social media platforms available to target audiences. Our focus on visual content is taking our clients to new heights as we can capture concert footage, backstage interviews, sermons, and behind-the-scenes moments; we can also create original digital content that looks, sounds and feels fresh. Video content is extremely shareable in an instant and further expands your brand’s reach – let us help you get the results. We’re well equipped for the job.
L.A.P.R. Group offers a complete website design package that incorporates a host of design tools (custom CSS, HTML5, Flash, etc.) that will take your vision and make it a reality. It’s likely that your website is your first line of customer contact and they’ll expect to see a dynamic site. Gone are the days of static websites – consumers are expecting an interactive experience and we can help shape your web presence and target it specifically for your consumers. Standard packages include setup of a hosting account and complete site maintenance, content management, social media integration & search engine optimization.
Need a strong online presence? Our team will create and maintain a dynamic social media presence for your organization. Using all of our capabilities we will position you as a creative, cutting edge organization. We’ll increase the visibility of your organization and your products and services by doing more than just accumulating Likes and Followers. Our goal is to position your organization as a thought leader, shaping views within the context of your brand and the desired consumer experience. We are practically writing the book on faith and family, and entertainment-based social media strategies and we’re just getting started.
At L.A.P.R. Group we believe in taking it to the streets…literally. Not only do we employ Street Teams in most major cities across the country, we also specialize in Projection Bombing. We believe in guerilla and grass roots marketing campaigns and we aren’t afraid to push the envelop for our clients. Projection Bombing is an extremely effective and exciting way to reach audiences and catch them completely by surprise. We utilize eye-catching, self-sufficient mobile projection units and vehicles and the streets and surrounding cityscapes can become our canvas. The possibilities are endless – a slogan, graffiti, social networking feeds, major announcements and music videos – we can do it all. At L.A.P.R. Group we believe in achieving results in unconventional ways!
It is common knowledge in the music industry that logistical planning and execution are crucial to the financial success of any tour. L.A.P.R. Group offers event buyers the confidence in knowing that in acting as a buyer’s representative at their shows, all details of the performance will be handled to the highest industry standards. Tour management responsibilities include maintaining tour finances, arranging tour transportation and accommodations, contracting touring personnel and equipment, merchandising, and fulfilling international carnet and border crossing procedures.


Our Staff

LaMar Ayers

LaMar Ayers

CEO & Director of PR

Carma Hammuck

Carma Hammuck

Director of Grassroot Marketing

Qeyana Hart

Qeyana Hart

Executive Administrator & HR Director

DeShon Gales

DeShon Gales

Creative Director

Charles Hall

Charles Hall

Marketing Manager

Anthony Coleman

Anthony Coleman

Special Events Coordinator

Terence Wiles

Terence Wiles

Social Media Director

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Bobby Jones Gospel Farewell Gala

Street Teams

Mobile Billboards

Projection Bombing

Book of Negroes Screenings

Mary Mary Season 4 Screenings

Victory Inaugural Ball

Vashawn Mitchell – Unstoppable 60sec

VaShawn Mitchell – Product Spot REVISED


Graphic Design

Branding & Logos


CD Concepts & Layout

Promotional Product & Apparel

Dynamic Events

From screenings to concerts our event team specializes in making your production dynamic from beginning to the end. Taking a full circle approach, we cover every possible logistical area from promoting your upcoming event to the staff and audio visual specialists that will manage it. We ensure not only that it will be successful but that it runs smoothly and produces RESULTS. We also offer tour support, management services, and production services to ensure that milestones are documented on film.

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